Month: <span>July 2019</span>

Discover your smile with 3M Gemini Ceramic braces

Do you often look into the mirror, smile and wish you had a better smile? Are you someone who looks for braces with both comfort and aesthetics for your awkwardly aligned and crooked teeth? Well! In braces treatment, before we commit to correcting your teeth, picking the right type of braces is essential. After all, […]

Are you getting your first dental crown? Is it painful to get a crown fixed on your tooth? These are the common questions that patients ask while they mentally prepare themselves to get a crown fixed. Many anticipate pain associated with dental anxiety especially if it is a missing or a damaged tooth that needs […]

Braces – From Metal to Clear

Smiles are always in style. Be it your natural smile, or a shiny mouth full of metal. With an array of orthodontic braces available today, treatment has become more comfortable, precise with quick results and has radically become more predictable. From metal and ceramic braces to the self-litigating braces and the most popular-Invisalign clear aligners, […]

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