Dentistry has advanced by leaps and bounds with respect to technologies used these days to treat the most complex of the cases. However, there still exists to be some myths hindering patients from getting the best treatment possible. Here we will be busting the top 12 dental myths one at a time!

  1. Myth: I am above 30 years of age. I will not be able to undergo any braces treatment because of my age.

Fact: False! Your age does not matter for getting your teeth aligned well with braces. If your gums are healthy, you can undergo braces treatment.

  1. Myth: If I cannot feel any pain I don’t have to visit the dentist.

Fact: Some dental issues may not always be symptomatic, that is you may not always experience pain. You will experience these usually during the initial stages of cavity formation or gum disease. It’s always better to take care of them in the initial stage, rather than to wait till you feel any symptoms of pain. Remember, prevention is better than cure!

  1. Myth: If I use floss, gaps will appear between my teeth.

Fact: This is not true. Floss helps to remove food particles stuck in between the teeth which will be difficult to remove even with your tooth brush. So it’s important that you floss once daily.

  1. Myth: My parents had good teeth, so even mine will be good.

Fact: Genetics does play a minor role in your teeth and jaw development. But it is mostly up to you to take care of your gums and teeth for the general upkeep.

  1. Myth: Removal of teeth will cause eye damage.

Fact: This is one of the popular myths and so far away from the truth! Please go to any qualified Dentist and they will explain the same.

  1. Myth: The more you brush, better your teeth will be.

Fact: Vigorous brushing can lead to enamel loss. This can result in sensitivity and decay formation. So brush twice daily for 3 minutes each time using soft or ultra-soft bristles tooth brush.

  1. Myth: If my gums are bleeding, I should stop brushing and flossing in that area.

Fact: The opposite is true in this case. Regular brushing and flossing is needed to remove the plaque build-up which in turns helps to keep your gums healthy.

  1. Myth: Children need not be taken to the dentist till their permanent tooth comes.

Fact: It is recommended to take your child to the dentist during the first year of your baby’s life. This is to promote a good dental routine for your child and to help dentist detect any developmental abnormalities if any.

  1. Myth: Teeth whitening is harmful and can damage teeth permanently.

Fact: When professionally done, teeth whitening can be a life changing procedure as it can restore your confidence with a beautiful smile.

  1. Myth: Dental treatment should be avoided during pregnancy.

Fact: Pregnant women are at a greater risk of developing gum disease called “pregnant gingivitis”. So routine check-up is recommended. However, procedures requiring x-rays and antibiotics are to be undertaken only if necessary.

  1. Myth: Medicine is enough to cure tooth ache.

Fact: Medicine will give you temporary relief from tooth ache. However, it is important that the cause for the tooth ache is treated at the earliest in order to avoid the recurrence of pain.

  1. Myth: Dental x-rays are unnecessary.

Fact: To detect cavities and bone loss, dental x-rays are a must. It should not be feared because the radiation dose is minimal.

If you are not able to separate fact from fiction, do not hesitate to get in touch with Dr. Anitha Alageshan regarding your Dental needs. Consultation followed by thorough examination will clear all your doubts about your oral health. Remember, truth is always stranger than fiction!

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