Damon Braces – A Revolutionary Invention in The World of Dentistry

We often accept our imperfections, but we don’t have to live with imperfect teeth. Though we are aware, ‘No smile is perfect, no face is flawless’, we are constantly in pursuit of the most perfect smile. It may sound a bit judgmental when we say a nice smile is more attractive and signals better health and positive emotions but the reality is, in our perception of people, outward appearances matter.

In recent times, with the technological advancements in orthodontics, we have come across patients who have an increasing desire for aesthetic dental materials. We now use innovative technologies to straighten crooked and crowded teeth, bad bites and misaligned jaw bones.

One such remarkable invention is the Damon braces that have clearly made a revolutionary transformation in the world of dentistry. The clear Damon braces in comparison to the conventional ceramic and metal braces are more effective and faster in correcting crooked and crowded teeth and also less visible to others. With a wider and a fuller smile, you can now look youthful with better and healthy teeth as well. The treatment is fast without extractions because of the self-locking mechanisms which do not use any elastics or ligatures. The brackets on the teeth continually work to correct the alignment of the teeth. The treatment is typically shorter than other methods with outstanding comfort for people of all ages. No doubt, Damon braces change the way you smile, look and even feel.

Dr. Anitha Alageshan; our in-house Orthodontist, is an expert when it comes to treating cases with Damon Braces. You can now say goodbye to your dental imperfections with our Damon braces.  After all, a beautiful smile will always be your signature accessory. And if you smile, we smile too.

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