Braces – From Metal to Clear

Smiles are always in style. Be it your natural smile, or a shiny mouth full of metal. With an array of orthodontic braces available today, treatment has become more comfortable, precise with quick results and has radically become more predictable.

From metal and ceramic braces to the self-litigating braces and the most popular-Invisalign clear aligners, the orthodontic braces you choose are largely dependent on your orthodontic condition. You will need to consider what you are looking to fix or enhance about your teeth. Having said this, one cannot underestimate the benefits of traditional braces as these are widely recommended by orthodontists for severely overcrowded teeth and teeth with large gaps that need to be realigned. In very small increments, these braces ensure dental needs are efficiently met, though it may take longer to achieve a positive result. So what are the various options available for patients today? While it has become more challenging to pick the most appropriate type of braces, we also need to keep in mind if it will fit your lifestyle and if it suits your budget.

Who said braces are for kids?

Do you have ‘not so fond memories’ of being called metal mouth during your childhood? Gone are the days when braces were specific to a particular age. Today, adults over 21 years of age are seen wearing braces. The modern braces offer several options by which you can enjoy wearing them with ease. Innovative technology like Invisalign clear aligners is not just discreet but also improves the cosmetic appearance of your smile in no time.

Why choose Zen Dental?

Doctor Anitha Alageshan and her team of experts are dedicated to offering individual attention and personalized care to all their patients. They are committed to providing a complete smile makeover that can change your lifestyle drastically. So let’s brace ourselves for a new SMILE!! 

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