Discover your smile with 3M Gemini Ceramic braces

Do you often look into the mirror, smile and wish you had a better smile? Are you someone who looks for braces with both comfort and aesthetics for your awkwardly aligned and crooked teeth? Well! In braces treatment, before we commit to correcting your teeth, picking the right type of braces is essential. After all, perfect braces will certainly perfect your smile. While there are umpteen health benefits associated with getting braces treatment, most patients look forward to something more than this. The extra boost towards confidence is when the braces give you an aesthetic appeal and consistent performance.

The 3M Gemini ceramic braces is often a great choice for a picture-perfect smile. It not just aligns your crooked teeth but also gives you remarkable outward beauty by blending in with your teeth color. With gradual light force, the Gemini braces move the teeth back to an aligned state. What more? If you are looking for a speedy improvement, especially for crowded and misaligned teeth with gaps, the 3M Gemini ceramic braces is a perfect choice for you.

What are the benefits?

  • The Gemini ceramic braces are highly durable. These braces have a true-twin versatile design which gives it improved rotational control.
  • Consistent performance throughout the treatment.
  • Rounded corners with a smooth dome-shaped profile giving patients utmost comfort.

At Zen dental, Dr. Anitha Alageshan ensures the well-being of her patients by creating beautiful smiles. The Gemini ceramic braces have transformed the smiles of patients of all ages. Truly, it is a worthwhile investment.  So why wait when you can walk into Zen dental and discover your smile!

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