Metal vs Ceramic Braces

‘It is never too late to have a smile you are proud to wear’. With several options out there for your Braces, aligning or straightening your teeth with modern materials have become much more comfortable in the recent years. A frequent dilemma that most patients face is whether to choose Metal Braces or Ceramic Braces. While both Metal and Ceramic are highly successful in aligning and strengthening the teeth, the decision on which one will suit your need is indeed a tough one to make, especially if you want to show off your Smile, with Style.

With the advancement in Orthodontic Braces, we have long said goodbye to the traditional Metal Braces which was merely a clunky piece that adorned the teeth. Today’s Metal Braces are lighter, smaller and less noticeable which helps to align and straighten severely crooked teeth. What’s attractive is, it is light on the pocket too, in comparison to its ceramic counterpart. On the other hand, Ceramic Braces are less visible and offer greater comfort. The clear or tooth-colored Braces blends seamlessly with one’s color of the teeth.

A few pros and cons of Metal and Ceramic Braces are listed below:

Aesthetics –If you are conscious of enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your smile, you are sure to pick Ceramic Braces. On the contrary, Metal Braces may not be a good choice for the ones who are conscious of their smile during treatment.

Strength – Metal Braces are much more durable. Ceramic Braces boast of a prominent feature of being less noticeable but are more prone to chips and cracks.

Comfort – Both Metal and Ceramic Braces offer the same amount of comfort.

Cost – Metal Braces are more economical when compared to the Ceramic Braces, because of the difference in the material used.

Our clients at Zen Dental, have had remarkable experiences with the services that we have been able to provide. Dr. Anitha Alageshan and her team of experts understands your individual needs and concerns. And whether it’s Metal or Ceramic Braces, you will walk out of our office with a beautiful, confident smile!!

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