The journey from Metal to Ceramic – From striking to subtle

In the past few decades of Orthodontics-the branch of dentistry involved in the use of braces to align and move teeth has witnessed growth in leaps and bounds. With the millennial orthodontists entering the workforce, the new generation of braces has become more and more popular. There has been a slow but steady increase in patients opting for better aesthetic options in braces. We now find that people look for an appealing appearance coupled with healthy teeth and good bite functions. Modern orthodontics talks about more than one path to achieving straight teeth.

Are ceramic braces right for you? 

In our practice, we have often come across people who are confused about which braces to choose. It can be a difficult decision to make considering that there are multiple options available. If you are looking for subtle braces, ceramic is the best choice. The clear or tooth-colored ceramic brackets fixed to the surface of the teeth is less noticeable and comfortable. While most patients may desire ceramic braces we also need to bear in mind that your orthodontist will have to make a decision on which braces you need to opt for, depending on your dental challenges. 

Benefits of ceramic braces 

Discreet – When our smile is not warm and inviting, we tend to become conscious. Besides, with crooked teeth, most of our patients who walk-in feel the need to hide or cover their smile. Ceramic braces are a revolutionary game-changer. The ceramic on the teeth blends in perfectly making it discreet and inconspicuous. 

Durable – Metal braces are thought to be more durable than ceramic braces. However, the materials and the design used in making the ceramic braces matters the most. They are equally tough and long-lasting.

Easy detachment and enamel friendly – Ease of removal and the bonding quality of the material ensures that your tooth enamel is preserved for longer. 

At Zendental, our experienced and friendly team of experts look forward to joining you on your journey to achieving a naturally beautiful smile. Dr. Anitha Alaghesan, our Chief Orthodontist is dedicated to giving you the SMILE you deserve!

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