5 Important Things about Damon Braces

Smile and the world smiles with you’. There is nothing like seeing people flash broad smiles when we pass by. Getting a perfect, healthy and a confident smile is an investment for a lifetime. In today’s world, it is highly desired that one must invest more in their overall dental health as it enhances your self-esteem and confidence. While bright and healthy teeth make you look and feel younger, studies indicate the ones who smile more have a greater life expectancy. 

The world of Orthodontics  

We often come across adults and children experiencing discomfort wearing the traditional braces. Modern Orthodontics has come a long way with a variety of innovative treatments to provide strong results in a short time frame. Damon braces are one of them. 

About Damon braces 

Damon braces are very similar to the metal braces as they are fitted in the same way. Unlike the metal braces, the slide mechanism in Damon with newer technology archwires moves the teeth naturally to realign over a period of time. Damon clear is a clear combination of traditional braces and modern ceramic braces. Here are the top five reasons why you must choose Damon clear braces. 

  • Damon ceramic offers an aesthetically pleasing appearance as they are virtually invisible even at close quarters. 
  • Your teeth can go back to the ideal position at a faster pace in comparison to the traditional braces. Studies reveal, with Damon braces, you can achieve a perfect smile approximately 7 months earlier than conventional braces. 
  • Most people do not experience any discomfort as the brackets are smaller and the force that is applied is gentler than its counterparts. 
  • Less friction and as such, your teeth can be preserved for longer without any deterioration. 
  • Cleaning is easy which prevents plaque and bacteria from forming and eroding the insides and surface of the teeth. 

Zendental specializes in Damon braces treatment in Koramangala. Dr. Anitha Alageshan and her team are dedicated to making your visit a friendly and comfortable experience for you. If you are looking for dentistry accompanied with passion and expertise, Zendental has it all..  ‘We take care of your SMiLES’

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