Important things to consider before teen Invisalign treatment

We live in an extremely competitive world where the younger generation is forever on the run. Competition is not just to do with academics or work but also in terms of personality and looks. What we need our younger generation to focus on is a beautiful smile, which is the best way to change your physical looks and your outlook towards life. Indeed, with Invisalign teen, you can live life on your terms. 

What happens when your teen’s smile does not give him or her the confidence to face the world? Is your teen worried about the appearance of the teeth that may cause them to hide their smile? These are a few questions that often plague the minds of parents all around us. 

Dream big with teen Invisalign 

With the Invisalign teen, you can say with assurance, they are practically invisible and easy to maintain. Your teen’s less than perfect smile will certainly help you notice a positive difference. The following are a few tips you must keep in mind before starting the Invisalign process. 

  • Adolescence is an ideal time for wearing braces. For mild to moderate dental issues that need braces, teen Invisalign is recommended. Whether it is crowding or spacing that needs to be taken care of, your orthodontist will assess your case and provide you with a tailor-made approach. 
  • The Invisalign teen custom made aligners can be removed as and when your teen pleases but must be ideally worn for 22 hours a day for optimal results. However, it is totally fine if your teen is not able to wear those for these many hours. You can enjoy your favourite meals and also play your favourite sport with ease. 
  • A high level of commitment is needed as the success of  Invisalign treatment largely depends on the responsibility that your teen shows towards wearing it. Remembering to wear the aligners, keeping a track of appointments and cleaning up the aligners after every meal is essential. 
  • It is important to let your orthodontist know about your missing aligners as soon as possible. These aligners are custom made and hence may take a few extra days to get your new ones. 
  • The good news for teenagers who opt for Invisalign is that they need not make frequent trips to the orthodontist. However,  to monitor progress a 6-week check-up is usually scheduled.

At Zendental, we believe it is never too late to get the smile your desires. Our team of orthodontists have the expertise to recommend an individualised plan for your teen by which he or she can achieve a beautiful, healthy smile. Our Chief Orthodontist, Dr. Anita Alaghesan has the experience and the ability to treat patients regardless of their age. Her expertise lies in enhancing the appearance, health, and function of a patient’s smile. With Zendental, you can be assured of a lifetime oral health solution.

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