How Technology Ensures Successful Invisalign Treatment?

The thing about smiles… Everyone says you look and feel better when you ‘SMILE’, but what happens when you look into the mirror, you don’t like what you see. Your greatest asset, your smile isn’t the same anymore. Over the years, your wide, gap-toothed smile, misaligned jaw, and bad bite makes you feel like an imperfection and though you have embraced the flaws you want to do something to make it look better. If you have become increasingly conscious of your teeth, and looking for options to get your smile corrected, it is time to align your teeth and say goodbye to a crooked smile. 

Why not consider Invisalign? 

Yes ! you certainly can. For decades, the dental appliances that orthodontists recommended had several limitations. Bulky, visible, painful and most of these appliances brought discomfort to the users. With the technology of custom manufacturing a series of clear aligners that move teeth into position, we have indeed come a long way in dental advancement.  However, you first need to assess if you are a perfect candidate for Invisalign by fixing an appointment with your orthodontist.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is one of the best treatments that modern orthodontics has made so far. From conspicuous traditional braces to unnoticeably appealing Invisalign smiles, modern orthodontics has made progress in leaps and bounds. The invisible aligners is a removable appliance that is made of transparent material. This being transparent is an ideal option for teens and adults who do not want to showcase that they are wearing braces. Having said this, why wouldn’t you invest in Invisalign if you know your braces can be hidden from view entirely with an added benefit of less pressure compared to the traditional braces and shorter treatment time. 

The Invisalign technology with the 3D Itero scan 

The 3D Itero scan is revolutionising modern dentistry. The advanced scanning technology resembles a wand that clicks several pictures of your teeth in minutes and then creates three-dimensional moulds of your teeth. With this technology, it is easier to scan the molars too that are deep-seated. Your orthodontist will have a clear view of your entire mouth on the screen. The images are then used to make a digital plan that is unique for each patient. Your orthodontist will then create your custom-fabricated clear aligners or trays after visualising the images and assessing your needs. 

At Zendental, our highly skilled team of professionals believe in ‘treatment with care’. We give a beautiful smile to all those who are longing to see one. The warm atmosphere and the calm and composed staff offer their best dental service to all their patients. Our in-house orthodontist, Dr. Anitha Alageshan goes above and beyond to make her patients comfortable from the moment they walk-in into the clinic. With us, you can be assured of achieving the best smile possible.  


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