Which is best for you ? Invisalign or Ceramic clear braces

Have you ever wondered what is the one thing that makes you look perfect, feel good and happy-all at the same time. Indeed! a million dollar smile which is no doubt the best way to express yourself.

If we improve our first impression with a smile, it is true that we can leave a lasting impression on everyone but what if your first impression like the cover of a book, is not so appealing? 

We find most patients turning towards one of the two recent dental treatments. The transparent orthodontic aligners called ‘Invisalign’ and the ‘clear ceramic braces’. The Invisalign and ceramic clear treatment has revolutionised the world of modern dentistry. 

In this blog, we will list out the benefits of both Ceramic and Invisalign that can help you understand the treatment in detail and prepare you for what lies ahead. 

Ceramic clear braces 

The function of the ceramic clear braces is similar to the traditional braces with brackets bonded to your tooth and connected by an arch wire. With the pressure that the brackets put on the teeth, you are sure to achieve a perfect alignment as time goes by. Every 4-6 weeks you can see the adjustment happening on your teeth. What makes these braces special is the use of ceramic instead of metal brackets which gives it a far more aesthetic appearance. Ceramic clear braces gives you 

  • A smooth feel and texture. 
  • Is less likely to hurt the gums 
  • Is resistant to stains.

Ceramic clear braces cannot withstand the same amount of pressure as metal braces. As such, the duration of the treatment can be slightly longer and may not be ideal for severe malocclusion. 

Invisalign clear aligners 

Invisalign clear aligners does not make use of brackets and arch-wires. Instead, it involves custom-made clear plastic aligners or trays that can be slipped over the teeth. With gradual pressure, the teeth gently moves into the desired position. Invisalign aligners are 

  • Easy to remove and clean 
  • Ideal to munch on any type of food
  • Good for short or long treatment 
  • Causes less discomfort and does not irritate the gums.

How to make the choice

Invisalign offers faster results compared to ceramic treatment and looks aesthetically more pleasing. However, it is not recommended for certain bite issues. If your teeth are severely rotated, tipped and with very large gaps, you are better off picking the traditional or the ceramic treatment. 

It is common for patients to get confused between the two as both offer remarkable benefits along with some limitations as well. As such, neither option is ideal for every patient. The decision on which treatment you must opt for largely depends on your orthodontist. 

At Zendental, our team works hard to enhance your smile and overall oral health. We help you to understand the different treatment options available and find the orthodontic solution that is most suitable for you.  Our Chief Orthodontist, Dr Anitha Alageshan, provides the best possible care for her patients while her team goes the extra mile to make every walk-in feel special and comfortable. 

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