In dentistry, teeth cleaning or scaling is a common process which is done on patients to maintain their daily oral hygiene and keep their gums healthier and stronger. We see that people generally have unhealthy oral habits like smoking, tobacco chewing, excessive sugary food consumption which may affect the oral health of an individual which can cause teeth and gum related problems.

Scaling is a routine cleaning procedure where patients come for removal of tartar and plaque build up on teeth. Apart from preventing oral health issues, teeth cleaning is also necessary to maintain overall general health.

Let’s have a look at few reasons why teeth cleaning/scaling is important:

  • Prevents gum disease: Cleaning teeth at regular intervals can help to avoid gingivitis (inflammation of gums). Also it helps to prevent bad breath and bleeding gums. If proper treatment is not done for a long time, it may lead to a condition called as periodontitis that will eventually lead to tooth loss.


  • Lowers the risk of cavities: Origin of cavity is generally from bacteria. A sticky deposit forms on the teeth which we called as “PLAQUE” in which bacteria proliferates easily. If this plaque is not removed on time, it can lead to cavities.


  • Noticing early signs of cancer (if any): During teeth cleaning, your dentist will check the overall oral health and also check for any possible signs of oral cancer (amid other issues). As we say ‘Prevention is better than cure’ and can make a huge difference in individual’s life.


  • Lesser risk of heart disease and diabetes: Maintaining good oral hygiene has been connected to healthy cardio vascular system and lowering the risk of diabetes and other health issues.Though it seems unusual but healthy oral cavity is the key to better overall health.


Most commonly patients wonder how often one should get their teeth cleaned. Depending on your oral hygiene, we may recommend you to get the procedure done once or twice in a year.

At Zen Dental and Health Care, this is one of the routine procedure that is undertaken. Along with teeth cleaning-polishing and fluoride application is also done in the same sitting. This overall benefits the patient not only against gum disease but also against cavities. For a healthier smile, call us at 9108918009.


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