Root canal treatment (RCT) takes a little longer time than routine fillings. A simple RCT case can take anywhere around 30 minutes to 1 hour. However, in some cases it may extend to 90 minutes or more. Sometimes, multiple appointments may also be required.

The time taken for RCT depends on several factors such as severity of infection, duration of infection (chronic or acute), presence of pulp stones, calcification of the canals, type and location of the tooth, number and shape of the canals and so on.

Some teeth have only one canal and some others have multiple canals or roots.

  • Molars: molars have three or four roots and they are the last teeth in the mouth. For this reason, the procedure may take around 90 minutes or more.
  • Premolars: in premolars, RCT may take approximately around 60 minutes as they have one or two roots.
  • Canine and incisors: it may take around 45 minutes to 60 minutes because they have only one root and mostly one canal.

After the completion of RCT, it is advised to give a protective cap to the tooth to avoid further damage to the treated tooth.

This procedure requires two appointments.

  • 1st appointment is for tooth preparation for the cap and its measurements, which may take around 45-60mins.
  • And the 2nd one is for cap placement.

At Zen Dental and Health Care, we have the best of the specialists (Endodontists) who do the RCT. When you come in for the RCT consultation, all details regarding the duration and the cost of the treatment will be explained clearly. With the technology present in our practice-RCT has become one of the most routine procedures that is performed efficiently and effectively. For appointments, you can call us at 9108918009.

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