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The journey from Metal to Ceramic – From striking to subtle

In the past few decades of Orthodontics-the branch of dentistry involved in the use of braces to align and move teeth has witnessed growth in leaps and bounds. With the millennial orthodontists entering the workforce, the new generation of braces has become more and more popular. There has been a slow but steady increase in […]

Who says Invisalign is about vanity?

In recent times, much has been talked about the ‘Picture perfect smile with Invisalign’. A beautiful smile with a neatly aligned array of teeth is certainly a feel-good factor and a confidence booster to all. Enhancing a person’s entire facial appearance with braces is what orthodontists do best but are ‘Invisalign aligners all about vanity?’ […]

Metal vs Ceramic Braces

‘It is never too late to have a smile you are proud to wear’. With several options out there for your Braces, aligning or straightening your teeth with modern materials have become much more comfortable in the recent years. A frequent dilemma that most patients face is whether to choose Metal Braces or Ceramic Braces. […]

Are you getting your first dental crown? Is it painful to get a crown fixed on your tooth? These are the common questions that patients ask while they mentally prepare themselves to get a crown fixed. Many anticipate pain associated with dental anxiety especially if it is a missing or a damaged tooth that needs […]

Braces – From Metal to Clear

Smiles are always in style. Be it your natural smile, or a shiny mouth full of metal. With an array of orthodontic braces available today, treatment has become more comfortable, precise with quick results and has radically become more predictable. From metal and ceramic braces to the self-litigating braces and the most popular-Invisalign clear aligners, […]

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