Self-ligating braces


Traditional braces apply pressure by using o-rings to push your teeth into position. Self-ligating braces, on the other hand, does not use o-rings or metal-tie wires to hold the arch wires in place. Instead, they use a sliding mechanism. Though your teeth are still forced into position, they can move freely.

Did you know…

The treatment time for a Self-ligating system is faster due to the ease of movement; therefore, if you are looking for the most efficient system that will get you in and out the fastest, with no concern for higher cost, this system would be optimal. Self-ligating brackets come in both clear and metal so your aesthetic desires can also be met using this system.

The oral hygiene instructions and retention period are similar to your conventional braces.

Ultimately, your choice in selecting between traditional braces or Self-ligating braces is all about what is recommended by your Orthodontist. Any treatment, no matter what type of bracket, is better than no treatment at all! Primarily, when selecting your ideal bracket type, trust your Orthodontic Specialist’s recommendation. They will ensure you receive treatment that is necessary, efficient, and ideal; giving you something really worth smiling about!

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