Dental crowns and bridges are custom-fitted tooth prosthetics that are used to replace or restore damaged or missing teeth. Crowns, also known as caps are fixed over the surfaces of natural tooth structures or dental implants.

Bridges are used to fill in the gaps left by missing teeth and are anchored in place by the natural teeth or crowns nearest to the empty space. Both crowns and bridges are non-removable and must be cemented in place by a Prosthodontist – a specialist in the field. Patients, who get crowns or bridges to restore their smiles, achieve both function and appearance of natural, healthy looking teeth.

Types of crowns:

Zirconium crowns versus Porcelain-fused metal (PFM) crowns
  • Zirconium crowns are aesthetically superior to all the other available crowns in the market. It is important that you have dental crowns that will look natural especially if it will be placed at the front teeth and will be visible beside the natural teeth.
  • Zirconium crown will not only replace a tooth but it can be shaped so that it will look better than the one it will be replacing with. This therefore is why you can sport that perfect natural looking smile anytime!
  • Zirconium crowns are definitely more robust than Porcelain-fused metal (PFM) crowns. They last longer too, compared to PFM that chip and break.Since PFM needs to be fused to a metal base, the metal will appear as a black unsightly line above the gums which is unappealing especially on the front teeth.
  • Since Zirconium crowns are milled from a chunk of crystal, they are guaranteed to be at least 5 times stronger than the PFM crowns. Zirconium crowns also provide strength without the bulky appearance that the PFM crowns are known for.

Metal crowns

This type of crown is made out of metals or alloys, including gold, palladium, nickel or chromium. In the past it made an excellent choice for teeth that are expected to withstand heavy chewing and biting forces, usually molars located in the back of the mouth. However, the latest ceramic technology has provided an ideal substitute for teeth of this nature. Of course the biggest disadvantage of all-metal crowns is the colour that makes it unsuitable for those teeth that are aesthetically on display.

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Frequently asked questions

Is a crown or bridge right for me?

If you have a tooth that is damaged or decayed, but still intact, a dental crown may be right for you. If your tooth is missing, but its former position is surrounded by other tooth structures, a bridge may be the solution for you. Schedule an office consultation to determine whether you could benefit from crowns or bridges.

What should I expect when I have my crown or bridge placed?

If you are a candidate for a crown or bridge, your teeth will be reduced to ensure a proper fit. An impression will then be taken of your bite and used to fabricate a mould for the crown or bridge. If you are choosing porcelain prosthesis, its colour will be matched to the natural shade of your other teeth. If a dental lab is making your crown or bridge, you may be fitted with a temporary restoration until the permanent one is ready for placement.

Do I need to follow any post-treatment care guidelines?

Your teeth will need time to heal following the crown and bridge placement process, so it is normal for you to experience some sensitivity – especially to hot and cold. Additionally, you may experience soreness in the gums surrounding your restorations, which should subside within a few days.

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