Invisalign treatment as an investment for your new Smile!

‘Smiling is healthy, smiling is beautiful, and smiling is contagious’. Yet, there are many who are nervous or embarrassed to show their ‘pearly whites’.  Say ‘cheese for a click, and they cover up their smile, as they don’t want their teeth to take the center stage. Battling crooked and misaligned teeth can result in an immense sense of insecurity and lack of confidence. How one looks, does matter after all.

The field of Dentistry is constantly evolving with several innovations in the orthodontic field. At Zen Dental, we are able to find the most effective treatment that works for our patients. We help you love what you don’t love about your smile. We often hear patients experience discomfort around the teeth and gums after wearing braces. While braces have grown in popularity for over a few decades, Invisalign is an invention of modern orthodontics. Both essentially work at straightening crooked teeth but  Invisalign seems to be leading the way, in recent times. It can be easily removed, compared to the braces and is almost completely invisible thus making a fashion statement. You can enjoy your meal with ease, as these are completely removable.  With the clear aligners in place, you don’t have to worry about being the odd one out. Sporting an invisible aligner, you build the confidence to show off your smile to the world even during your treatment!

Choosing an experienced Orthodontist who is pleasing to interact with and can ease all fears, is of utmost importance. In this respect, Zendental care is a trendsetter in dental healthcare. Dr. Anitha Alagesan, is an expert in Invisalign and various other dental treatments. With genuine care and compassion, she provides customized treatments by presenting various options to keep up with your oral health and hygiene. She believes in creating a smile that is unique to the need of each and every patient.

At Zen Dental, get the smile of your dreams with Invisalign!

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