Tips on managing Invisalign in the first week

Braces The bane of everyone’s dental fears. No one wants unsightly metal braces, crooked, broken or chipped teeth which sometimes gets misaligned with large gaps. Unfortunately, many are surrounded by factors that contribute to a not so impressive smile. One of the major culprits is a bad bite or an overbite that disrupts the mouth-to-face symmetry, leads to poor dental health and above all affects your SMILE. The question is, are you on your way to the smile you always wanted? 

Not too long ago, it was enough to have the traditional, bulky metal braces that worked fine on all kinds of dental issues, though not at a fast pace. Now, we have a variety of orthodontic options to discreetly make changes to the malformation or misalignment. One such revolutionary orthodontic technology that has gained popularity in recent times is the Invisalign treatment that does not use any brackets or wires to move teeth, only clear, removable alignment trays. Orthodontists all over recommend Invisalign to straighten your teeth for a beautiful smile. We have put down a list of tips that will help you survive your first-week post Invisalign procedure. 

  • You must make sure you protect your tongue 

For starters, the Invisalign plastic trays will certainly feel like foreign objects inside your mouth. The first few days of wearing the trays may cause mild pain, discomfort or soreness. The soreness gets better and your mouth toughens up as you adjust to wearing it. Gently using a peroxide-based mouthwash by rubbing it with your fingers can heal such minor irritation. 

  • Treat the pain 

For the initial few days, you can try a mild chewing exercise with the help of chew mints to relax the mouth muscles. This also acts as a natural pain reliever as it stimulates blood flow to your mouth. 

  • Keep a close track of your wear time

Your new aligners have to be worn every day and for most of your day. Whether you are at home or stepping out for some time, we suggest wearing them on for a minimum of 22 hours, which means you must wear it during your sleep as well for ideal teeth movement. You don’t want to extend the duration of your treatment. Do you? 

  • Hygienic and safe removal of trays 

You must ensure the aligners are cleaned regularly with some water and a small amount of toothpaste as wearing at night can cause the formation of deposits. Additionally, if you can gently brush the aligners with a soft-bristled brush after every meal, you can keep them hygienic and maintain them in perfect condition for long. 

We are committed to excellence and strive in helping you establish a personal routine to manage the first few weeks of your Invisalign journey. Our Chief Orthodontist, Dr. Anitha Alagheshan believes in a fast, safe and caring approach to treating her patients and with remarkable professional care. We manage your overall oral healthcare needs. Zen dental is where beautiful smiles begin with a gentle touch.

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