Wisdom teeth are the third and last molars on each side of the upper and lower jaw. They are the last teeth to erupt and they usually do so anywhere between 17-21 years of age. A few people are born without wisdom teeth. Others have enough room in their mouth for the teeth to erupt normally. But many get their wisdom teeth stuck or impacted.

There are various levels of severity of how these teeth are stuck. Sometimes the part of the tooth may be covered by a layer/flap of gum tissue. Bits of food and bacteria can get trapped under the layer/flap which can cause swelling and sometimes lead to infection called PERICORONITIS. It usually happens with lower wisdom teeth and the pain it causes is the most common reason people get their wisdom teeth taken out.

In many individuals, wisdom teeth are blocked from coming out, usually by bone or other teeth. In such cases, the teeth get tilted under the gums, and dentists call these “impacted teeth”. They may cause pain but not always; you may feel nothing at all for years. You may not even be aware that you have wisdom teeth until your dentist sees them on an X-ray.

SO HERE’S YOUR ANSWER TO THE AGE-OLD QUESTION! Not all wisdom teeth need to be removed, but if there’s a chance your wisdom teeth will cause problems, it’s easier to take them out when you’re young. That’s because the roots of the teeth are not fully developed yet, and the bone around the teeth is less dense. Healing is also faster in the younger individuals. As you age it will take longer for you to recover from the surgery.

At Zen Orthodontic and Dental Care, we take it very seriously that the best care is given to our patients. We have an Oral Surgeon specialist who does the surgery and post-extraction instructions are given afterwards. A follow-up appointment will be given after a week to check how you are doing and in case stitches have to be removed.

To know more about the procedure and fix-up an appointment, do visit our website at: http://zendental.in or call us at: 080-48655431.

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