Holidays are the times we enjoy with family and friends and the last thing you need during this festive season is a dental emergency! Here are a few tips to avoid them and keep you in good holiday spirit:

  1. Stay clear of Soda or other carbonated drinks: they end up eroding your enamel and damaging your teeth permanently.
  2. Think twice before having hard candies: we all love to have some candy canes during Christmas, but beware of biting down hard on them as they can cause fracture of teeth.
  3. Be cautious of red wine: they can stain your teeth unnecessarily. White wine is a safe bet.
  4. Dip into some veggies: while meat lovers will not want to hear this, having some carrots and broccoli are great for the health of your teeth.
  5. Avoid using your teeth as a tool: stop yourself from using your teeth to open gift wrappers, beer bottles or so. This can lead to fracture or cracks in your teeth.
  6. Fill up on fruits: instead of having sugary desserts, switch to some fruits to satisfy your sweet tooth.
  7. Give up on grazing: there will be so much of left-over food that we can’t help but munch on them at all times. Stick onto having food only during meal times to protect your chompers.
  8. And finally, don’t forget to brush your teeth twice. Three times if you have been naughty!

If you still end up being mischievous, do not fret! We are open on Christmas too!!

We at Zen Orthodontic and Dental Care wish you to have a safe, happy and healthy holiday and we can’t wait to see your beautiful smile in the coming new year!

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