Discover the Benefits of Clear Braces

Are we in a new era of orthodontic treatment? Over the last decade, new technologies in adult Orthodontic treatment has made incredible advances. Modern orthodontic appliances are lighter, smaller and more discreet as opposed to the notorious traditional metal braces. The fact is, most patients are looking for appealing options to correct their crooked teeth and bad bite. We often come across adults who are hesitant to wear the traditional wire and bracket braces. From the fairly discrete braces to the latest in aligner technology, we take pride in offering a wide range of dental treatment for your teeth. 

Clear braces – The clear solution to straightening teeth 

Invisalign clear braces are a popular option to straighten teeth with faster results compared to the traditional route that orthodontists used back in the days. However, one needs to exert discipline when wearing and removing the braces. The series of clear plastic aligners can be customised to a perfect fit. Invisalign was once futuristic and now is a vital component in orthodontic treatment. 

Benefits of clear braces 

  • With the unnoticeable feature of Invisalign clear braces, no-one will likely know that you are undergoing treatment to correct the alignment of your teeth. It is hassle-free as you can wear the braces to any place you wish to. From work meetings and formal events to dates and casual get-togethers, Invisalign is a great option for most adults. 
  • A beautiful and healthy smile with Invisalign can give you the assurance you need, to face social situations and is truly a morale booster
  • The braces can be easily removed for eating meals and at-home dental hygiene, making it comfortable and convenient for the patients.
  • Clear braces straighten teeth effectively with treatment results that are faster. Post-treatment, you will be surprised to see your teeth healthier in function and form.  
  • The snug fit ensures you do not run into a risk of periodontal issues. They do not include any sharp edges that may damage the teeth. 
  • Above all, you can smile, laugh, eat and talk at ease. 

At Zendental, we work to customise your treatment to suit your needs and schedule. We believe, ‘a healthy smile is the cornerstone of positive health’. Our Chief Orthodontist, Dr Anitha Alageshan has years of expertise and experience in the field of clear braces in Koramangala. She and her team of experts, have created a calm and relaxing atmosphere where you can receive the dental care you deserve.

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