Smile with Invisalign

We are all familiar with the term ‘a million dollar smile’ – the well aligned, straight and perfectly well-defined smile which speaks a lot about our precious pearls. Seemingly perfect teeth of leading celebrities grab our attention when we flip through the glossy pages of magazines, but the real question is, how do they get that star-studded smile? There is a lot more to this than meets the eye. While there are a few who are blessed with natural looking perfect smiles, there are some who have invested heavily in smile makeovers and Invisalign is one of them.

Smile makeovers with Invisalign

Of all possible options, the most advanced treatment that is gaining popularity in the world of dentistry is the Invisalign procedure. As a great alternative to traditional braces, Invisalign works effectively for teens and adults. From fixing crowded teeth and closing large gaps between teeth to problems related to bad bites and alignment of teeth, Invisalign can help you find a perfect solution for a better and healthier smile.

Picture perfect smile with Invisalign

We all agree that a mouth full of metal is never a pleasant sight. Invisalign is an innovative breakthrough in modern dentistry. Here are the striking benefits you will see and feel with Invisalign:

*No show – the Invisible set of teeth aligners are smooth to glide on, comfortable and painless. What more can we wish for?

*Feels natural and exudes confidence – The discreet Invisalign blends in with the natural tone of your teeth making it virtually invisible!

*Comfort – The aesthetics in Invisalign ensures you smile and laugh freely again. You can certainly be yourself, talk with ease and not feel awkward in a social setup.

At Zendental, we can customize Invisalign smiles just for you. Dr Anitha Alageshan is committed to delivering the most beautiful smiles which creates lasting impressions. And Invisalign is all about changing lives and bringing about beautiful smiles!

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